Dealing with Swimming Pool Leaks

An ordinary swimming pool requires regular maintenance to keep it highly functioning, and ready to use whenever you want. This is commonplace for any swimming pool owner, and should be a task anyone with a swimming pool is already prepared to do. However, what they might not be ready for is dealing with swimming pool leaks. There is no need to fear though –  here is some helpful advice on how to deal with leaks in your swimming pool.

Leak Detection

First off you will want to conduct a leak detection of your swimming pool to find any possible, pesky leaks. This especially needs to be done in the fall or winter when your pool is out of season. If a leak occurs in your pool during this time of the year and you do not quickly address it, you will likely be looking at repair costs that can easily reach into the thousands. Leak detection takes place primarily in four different areas: the pool shell, pool lights, pool plumbing, and the pool equipment.

Pump Issues

Your swimming pool pump might also be the source of your leaks. If your pump is still full of water, and winter arrives, it’s possibly frozen over, which will damage your pump. If your pump turns out to be the source of leaks in your swimming pool, and the pump itself is leaking, then you will have to replace the pump altogether. Other times, you will find other issues with your swimming pool leaks and will have to keep in mind that you will need to turn your pump off while searching and fixing the problem.

Professional Help

Addressing the issues in your leaky pool yourself might be a little more than you are ready to handle. This is why in situations like this, it is always best to seek professional help to take care of your swimming pool. Professionals are more capable of noticing issues with leaks that you may not have been able to spot yourself. They are also more knowledgeable than you are most likely, meaning that they will be more capable of fixing the source of the leak in your swimming pool.

Posted in Gunite Swimming Pools on March, 2018