Pool Construction

Custom Swimming Pools Design

There is no better place to spend quality time with friends and family than in a luxury swimming pool. Conklin pools will help you to make your custom swimming pool design easy and perfect. We are experts in making custom design swimming pools to specification.

We develop each and every luxury swimming pool unique and can create landscapes and hardscapes to accompany your luxury pool.

Jesse and his team will guide you every step of the way to make your beautiful dream into a reality. By choosing the right features you can make your new custom luxurious swimming pool your own and your swimming pool part of your home.

Every newly designed swimming pool will be created as per your requirement. With a stunning range of luxury swimming pool options which can add classiness and sophistication to any home.

There are lots of options when making a swimming pool. When friends and family come to your house and see your custom designed luxurious pool in your backyard it will be breathtaking and enjoyable.

At Conklin Pools, You Are Part of the Family, Not a Project Number…

Layout: Let Conklin Pools help determine where and what elevation to set your new gunite swimming pool.

Excavation: Conklin Pools offers excavation, backfill, grading, erosion control, lawn installation and much more.

Forms & Rebar: Conklin Pools uses grade 60 American made Rebar to construct the framework for your gunite swimming pool shell. Conklin Pools prides itself on using the best materials available with cutting-edge engineering capabilities to ensure your structure will stand the test of time.

Plumbing: Conklin pools takes great pride in filtering your swimming pool. We are proud to use Pentair Pool Systems for our filtering and heating equipment. Conklin Pools thinks down the road and future growth… Your pool is pre-plumbed for additions later on like Pools Vac Systems, OZone UV, Salt, etc. Even If you don’t know what you want now, Conklin Pools make it easy to add later.

Electronics: Conklin Pools offers a full line of automation equipment ranging from a wireless swimming pool and spa control systems to iPad and iPhone control from anywhere you are. Out to dinner and want the hot tub temperature up for when you get home? Simply adjust the temperature from your iPhone or Android while at the table and your all set!

Gunite: Conklin Pools uses more Dry-Method Gunite for its swimming pools then its competitors. Our walls are straight down and provide you with the largest swimming area possible. We prefer dry-method to wet as we have total control of our product and are not relying on ready mix plant for our material.

Coping, Tile, and Masonry: Conklin pools use earth tone materials and mainly New York blue stone for its coping. New York is preferred over Pennsylvania blue stone as it tends to have less Iron and therefore is more uniform and stain free. Conklin Pools also has a large variety of waterline tile and coping available from glass mosaic tile to Corinthian granite coping. Please call to learn more.

Marcite: Let Conklin Pools help determine the color and feel of your pool with its extensive knowledge of colored finishes ranging from traditional white marcite to black, green, blue, and all types of exposed aggregate finish such as diamond brite including the new watercolor series.

Service After The Sale: At Conklin Pools, you are part of the family, not a project number. Conklin pools are happy to provide after sale service to any customer whatever the need. Whether an opening or closing, pump repair, heater work or just a simple stop in and check everything out, Conklin Pools is a phone call or Email away. We are 7 days a week year round for all your swimming pool needs.