In-Ground Swimming Pools – A More Functional Option

Making the decision to add a backyard swimming pool to a particular landscape is just the start. Once this choice is made, there will still be the question of style. This issue will center on whether a pool should be above ground or in-ground. When the pros and cons are explored, it will quickly become evident that in-ground swimming pools win out on the functionality front and long term.

When constructed with gunite, in-ground pools can withstand all weather conditions without depreciating in strength and value.

Gunite pools have become a highly sought-after choice for residences because of the unlimited design options. The designer could come up with different exquisite designs of varying sizes and shapes. Due to its adaptability, it is very easy to add waterfalls, water sculptures, sheer descents, and grottos. A spa can also be included making it more luxurious and beautiful. Gunite pools are simply wonderful.

A well-designed gunite swimming pool alongside the perfect landscaping could be a lifetime source of fun and entertainment for entire families.

By their very nature, in-ground pools are highly flexible in design. When the choice is made to go this route perhaps with investment in mind, the potential returns will be mind-blowing. Whilst there is no denying that in-ground pools do require a greater investment, they can fit into a backyard landscape better and offer improved functionality on a number of fronts.


The benefits of going in-ground swimming pools include:

  • The lifespan of in-ground swimming pools – When a gunite pool is designed and constructed by a reputable swimming pool contractor, the potential lifespan on this style of pool is open-ended. Considering the fact that some inground pools remain intact from the times of the Romans, the solidity of this choice is clear. Above ground pools will provide a place to cool off, but they simply will not last for more than a few seasons in most cases. In-ground model, on the other hand, will stand the test of time.
  • The investment return – An in-ground swimming pool is an investment that actually adds to the value of a home. An above ground pool simply will not provide this value in the same manner. Should a gunite swimming pool be designed by a specialist, the appeal of this particular backyard feature can run incredibly high at the resale time.
  • The usability factor – In-ground pools are flexible by their very nature. During the design phase, homeowners can specify special features that might be required. This type of pool can easily be created to facilitate diving, a large number of swimmers, the addition of a spa and more. Above ground pools are very rigid in what they will allow and won’t. Diving, for example, will be out of the question in an above ground structure. A “deep end” also won’t likely go with this choice.
  • The landscape friendliness – An in-ground pool can be designed from the very start to fit into and work well with an existing backyard landscape. In-ground, gunite pools can be created to fit just about any size backyard and they can take on almost any shape desired. Above ground pools are rigid in their form by their very nature. Fitting this type of pool into a landscape and actually having it enhance the appearance of a yard is not likely to happen. In-ground pools, on the other hand, can quickly become a pivotal part of a landscape and a focal point for it, as well.

In-ground swimming pools provide more functionality than its peers. This is an investment that will keep on giving years after construction is completed.

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