How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Warm This Fall

Fall is here once again, bringing with it shorter days and cooler weather. For many, this means the end of pool season. With no more hot days and nights around the cool swimming pool, many pools will be covered up and closed until next summer. However, cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still enjoy your pool. Here are several products that allow you to keep your swimming pool warm during the fall so that you can continue to enjoy through the cooler months.

Gas Heaters

For those who are willing to go the extra mile and outfit their pool with equipment that’s a bit on the pricier side, gas heaters are a great option. They are able to heat your swimming pool quickly and can be used while the pool is in use. This makes gas heaters especially appealing to those who want to use their swimming pools year-round. However, gas heaters can be costly to maintain. If this is the option for you, be sure to look out for energy efficient gas heaters to keep your energy costs down.

Solar Blankets

Solar blankets may look like any other pool cover, but they function more like a heater. These blankets capture the sun’s rays and use them to heat the water in your swimming pool during the day. They also act as insulators to keep the warmth in your pool during cool autumn nights. For this reason, they also prevent evaporation and water loss in your pool, which can help make maintenance a bit easier when the season begins to cool off. But when considering solar blankets, it’s important to note that these accessories can be tricky to apply and remove to your pool repeatedly, and can be a bulky item to store when they’re not in use.

Solar Rings

This accessory is much simpler to use than solar blankets, though they function in essentially the same way. Solar rings are placed in the pool to cover the surface, meaning they’re much easier to use in an oddly sized or shaped pool. The rings attach to each other using magnets, making them easy to use and store with your other pool accessories. The main drawback of solar rings is that they cannot heat the swimming pool while it is in use, but this is true of most solar pool heaters.

Liquid Solar Covers

One solar option that can heat a swimming pool while in use is the liquid solar cover. This product is safe to swim with, as the liquid floats to the top of the pool and functions as any other solar cover does to heat the water in your swimming pool. While it does not require much liquid to effectively heat a pool, liquid solar covers are only temporary and will need to be poured each time you need to heat your swimming pool.

Posted in Gunite Swimming Pools on August, 2018