4 Luxurious Features You Can Add Onto Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great investment, offering fun and relaxation for the entire family! However, you don’t have to stop at just a pool. There are so many lavish features that you can add to make your swimming pool even better. Whether you want to wow your guests at your next cookout or just build a backyard oasis for yourself, here are four luxurious features you can add to your swimming pool.


This beautiful water feature is all you need to transform an average swimming pool into a relaxing getaway. A waterfall adds a great, natural aesthetic to your pool, with the constant sound of flowing water making for a soothing background noise. Not only does a waterfall add visual appeal, but it also acts as a natural water filter.

Swim Up Bar

If you really want to make your pool a great entertainment space, consider this luxurious feature. A swim-up bar gives you the chance to unwind with your favorite cocktail while relaxing in the water. You can incorporate bar stools into the swim up bar so that you can sit in the water while sipping on your drink. This eliminates the hassle of having to get out of the pool, dry off, and go in the house just to get something to drink.

LED Lights

This luxurious feature will illuminate your pool with vibrant colors of your choice. LED lights come in an array of colors to suit any mood that you are in. Set the tone on a summer night with a deep red or purple LED pool lights and turn your backyard into a romantic venue. LED lights also allow you to swim safely at night because you are able to see a lot better, giving you more use of your pool.


If you want aren’t much into waterfalls, you may consider incorporating a fountain into your pool design. With fountains, the design possibilities are endless. You can choose a small, simple fountain with some water jets coming out or get a huge statue fountain built to create a theme for your pool. Regardless of design, a pool fountain undoubtedly adds a luxurious element to your pool.

Posted in Gunite Swimming Pools on September, 2018